Joe Tessitore is the owner and brains behind Digital Directiv, a unique moto lab based in Porland, Oregon, USA. They specialize in bringing vintage motorcycles up to date with modern components and technology.  Joe honed his craft as Jay LaRossa’s right hand man during his years at Lossa Engineering and credits Jay with being his inspiration and mentor.  As a builder, Joe’s philosophy is simple, “Vintage bikes by nature require a lot of maintenance and mechanical know-how.  My goal is to make it a little easier for everyday people to enjoy riding a piece of history.”  Digital Directiv machines may be recognized by their clean lines, fine craftsmanship, and a show-quality attention to detail but the true mark of the brand is the electrical innovation that Joe is known for.  “I even have other builders bringing me their wiring problems that nobody wants to deal with.  For me, it’s just another day at the office.”

We at Digital Directiv believe that the devil is the details. There are far too many people calling themselves “builders” cobbling bikes together with rusty hardware and sub par components.  We aim to raise the bar in the vintage and custom motorcycle industry by doing it right, or not at all.

Wiring Harness Triumph Scrambler
Spaghetti wires Kawasaki KZ100